About Syler...

          Syler Peralta-Ramos graduated from Jackson Hole Community School in the Spring of 2016 and began his college studies at Stanford University in the fall of 2016 as a member of the Stanford class of 2020. He has lived in Wilson, Wyoming his whole life and developed a keen interest in nature photography and conservation from a young age, inspired by the multitude of photographers that congregate in the Teton region as well as his parents who also share a love for photography. His interests in photography and conservation have brought him to all corners of the globe from ice-caves in Iceland to the penguins colonies of South Georgia and many adventures in between.

Syler has been fortunate to have some of the finest mentors in the field including Thomas Mangelsen, Daisy Gilardini, Michael Melford, Frans Lanting, Art Wolfe, Chris Steppig, Justin Black, Chris Linder, Michael Forsberg, Melissa Groo, Keith Ladzinski, Dave Black, Jim Richardson, Henry Holdsworth, and Sebastian Kennernecht.

Awards & Accomplishments

  • Photo District News Magazine Annual (PDN) 2016 - Grand Prize (student category)

  • Scholastic Art and Writing Awards National Competition 2016 - Two "Silver Keys"

  • Nature's Best Photography Yellowstone Forever 2017 - 1st place Youth Landscapes

  • World Photography Organization (WPO) Youth 2017 - Commended Photographer

  • National Geographic Your Shot "Your Outdoor Adventure" - Featured image

My Inspiration...

          Having grown up in the small town of Wilson, Wyoming I developed a unique perspective on the natural environment. An appreciation for the wellbeing of natural places is something that has been engrained into my personality from a young age. Living on the border of Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, my childhood was filled with long days exploring the incredible natural place that I called home. The environment is not an abstraction for me as it is for so many today; moose walk through my yard on a daily basis and glacial lakes are closer to me than are any freeways or skyscrapers. Through photography, I am driven to investigate and interact with the unusual natural place that surrounds me on a daily basis. In today's world the environment is changing both because of organic processes and because of human intervention. Understanding these impacts motivates me to photograph, and photographing motivates me to pursue more information on the subjects that I capture on my camera. Photography has also served as my way of sharing my experiences and gained perspective with those who have not had the same opportunity to see what I have been so fortunate to see first-hand. If there is one thing that I have learned from my travels in addition to my home in Wyoming, it is that everything is temporary and constantly in a state of change. Photography has allowed me to seek out the fleeting moments of life and capture them so that they do not have to be lost as fading memories. Through the images that I capture and share, I hope to pass on the inspiration that the world in which I come from has instilled in me. Although an image does not have the same power as an experience, I believe in the power of a photograph to make an impact. 


All photographs are © 2019 Syler Peralta-Ramos

Remote-camera images featured on this site are dual © Syler Peralta-Ramos and David Rosenzweig as part of a collaborative conservation project